We are located in Caledonia, Ontario midway between Niagara Falls and Toronto,  10 minutes from Hamilton Mountain. The Killman Zoo has 35 DIFFERENT species of animals on a 33 acre site..
In the 70's, Murray Killman owned and operated Killman's Wildlife Sanctuary.  Natural progression and love drove this facility to become "The Killman Zoo" and officially open their doors to the public on April 1st, 1988. 

Since opening in 1988, the zoo has grown in size and has acquired many rare species of endangered animals. 

The Killman Zoo is nestled in rural Caledonia only 5 minutes from the scenic Grand River. 

Our patrons love the natural setting which consists of 7 acres of peaceful winding trails, ponds, and the shade of many trees. 

The Killman Zoo is truly one of Ontario's best-kept secrets.  We have one of the largest collections of Big Cats in Ontario. Our spacious two acre run is complete with a pond for our big cats to enjoy.   

Owned and Operated by

JOANNE and MARK Killman.

with the help from a few amazing keepers AND volunteers


Sage, Catherine, Will, Karissa

Stephanie, Brandi, Heidi

Volunteers include:

Steve, Trevor, Craig, Moreen, Aileen, Dave

Connie, Laura, Ryan, Fahd, Ted


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The Killman Zoo Keepers

The Killman Zoo Keepers